i heard the whole story of how my dad died. before i thought it might be the hospitals fault, but it was totally his fault. he made a lot of stupid, stupid decisions.

> when he was in the navy he started an argument with his general, they fought, and eventually other guys came in and held my dad back while the general punched and kicked him. his pancreas[sp?] erupted.

> he stayed in the hospitals while his pancreas healed. later it bothered him, and he went back to the hospital for surgery.

[this is the really, really stupid part]

while it was still healing he wanted to see me, so in the middle of the night he fled the hospital. i don't know how long he stayed home, but he ate and took a shower and i'm guessing he didn't go back right away.[this was the last time i saw him]

> he went back to the hospital because he started experiencing a lot of pain. turns out most of his stomach/abdomen area was severely infected, the doctors couldn't help him. he died in his sleep.

i can't believe it. so many things could have been done to keep him from dying. if he hadn't argued with the general in the first place none of that would have happened.

why didn't he think about what could happen to him? why couldn't he just wait? if he just stayed at the hospital he would still be here, and he would see me everyday.

he came to see me once, then i never saw him again.

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